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At whatever point we hear the term cigarette, the primary thing that strikes is that alert admonition imprinted on each cigarette box. Albeit smoking is hurtful to our wellbeing, it has likewise been demonstrated tentatively individuals despite everything love cigarette and can't dispose of it because of the addictive property of nicotine. Smoking is one of the most widely recognized types of reward tranquilize use in India. Tobacco smoking is the most well-known structure, being drilled by one billion individuals in whole world. Smoking cigarette originates from hundreds of years prior while individuals began probing tobacco plants and discovered its addictive property. The logical name of tobacco plant is "Nicotina Tobacam". Dried leaves of this plant are moved to make cigarette or bidi which are smoked by the smokers. It is said that smoking gives smokers a kick which makes them smoke over and over. 

After China, India is the second greatest maker of tobacco on the planet. As of now, India is sending out tobacco to eighty countries around the entire world. As of late numerous new brands are concocting better approaches to introduce tobacco to a developing measure of hostile to tobacco gatherings. These brands give choice and costly cigarettes and other tobacco-related consumables. Costs of these cigarette bundles (Approx 20 cigarette for each pack) can extend somewhere in the range of 50 Indian rupees for every pack (roughly $0.9) to 3000 Indian rupees or considerably more. These costs rely on creation cost, ad and material utilized in the specific cigarette. 

We have recorded Top 10 Cigarette Brands utilized in India with their greatest retail cost in Market. 


This Insignia brand of Cigarette originates from the top maker in India, ITC constrained. This is one of the extravagant cigarettes in India and acclaimed among corporates and school going, understudies. The parcel comes in matte dark bundles which are extremely alluring and sold in a solitary assortment. The Insignia cigarettes are well known for the smooth progression of the tobacco smoke through the channel and the taste. 

Cost of Insignia cigarettes pack is around Rs.165. 


Pall Mall Cigarette 

Pall Mall brand cigarettes are created and promoted by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (USA). It is one of the most elevated selling brands among all cigarette brand. It is notable for its structure just as taste. They come in two unique sizes, short and long cigarettes. A particular procedure is applied here in stuffing the tobacco and including charcoal inside the cig. Pall Mall comes in various of assortments, for example, white, dark, blue, orange and green which identified with the quantity of menthol substance and powers of the tobacco of the cigarettes. 

Cost of Pall Mall cigarettes pack is around Rs.4500. 


Parliament is a rich cigarette brand popular among business visionaries and entrepreneurs. This cigarette brand is known for the creation of sifted cigarettes. These cigarettes are sold and showcased by Philip Morris Company(USA). These were first cigarettes which had paper channels that permit just the nicotine to arrive at the smoker's mouth. They come in assortments of menthol flavor like Green Pack, White Pack, Kings and Silver Pack. Green Pack is brimming with menthol flavor, White Pack with Menthol Lights, Kings and Silver Pack with menthol ultralights. They are acclaimed for their wonderful scent and superb taste. 

Naval force CUT 

Naval force Cut brand cigarette was one of the first sifted Made in Quite a while cigarettes. They are produced and circulated by the ITC constrained, India. They are celebrated by name "Wills" among nearby individuals… Originally, Wills Navy Cut cigarettes were delivered by W.D. and H.O. Wills in the UK. The Navy Cut cigarettes arrive in a length of 84 mm. These cigarettes come in two unmistakable packs relying upon the amount, pack of 10s and 20s. 

Cost of Navy cut cigarettes is around Rs.100. 


Benson and Hedges' image is a British cigarette brand. English American Tobacco, Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco claims the brand in various nations. These cigarettes are likewise only called as B and H. Virginia tobacco is utilized to make this cigarette. In 1873, Richard Benson and William Hedges established these cigarettes in London. Thus these cigarettes are known by their names Benson and Hedges. They are double enhanced cigarettes. Benson and Hedges' cigarettes are supposed to be all the more remarkable as far as substance which makes them increasingly unsafe. These cigarettes come assortments, for example, Gold, Silver, White and Gold Superkings, and moving tobacco. 

Cost of Benson and Hedges is around Rs.250 


Godfrey Phillips India Ltd, one of the set up cigarette makers of India is the makers of Four Square brand cigarettes. Four Square brand cigarettes are fabricated both in India and Scotland. Four Square cigarettes come in two length sizes, short 70mm and 85mm (ruler) having either hardpack or enormous level hard box of, 10 or 20 cigarettes in a pack. 

Cost for per 10 pieces pack of Four Square is around Rs. 96 


Marlboro Cigarette 

Marlboro is the most plentiful selling cigarettes brands on the planet. The organization Philip Morris makes these cigarettes inside the United States. Marlboro cigarettes become generally well known after its promotions highlighting Marlboro man. Marlboro comes in assortments and structures, for example, Red, Advance, Menthol and Clove. Phillip Morris at first propelled Marlboro cigarettes particularly for ladies which incorporate the red band to conceal the lipsticks spot from the channel and afterward the brand put itself as sifted cigarettes for both lady and man. 

Cost of Marlboro is Rs. 260 for a pack of 20 Sticks. 


Goldflake Light cigarettes are comprised of earthy colored and brilliant yellow tobacco pieces upgraded with sweet honeydew flavor. Gold drops are stunning center range cigarettes produced by ITC Limited. The nicotine segment of the cigarettes is accepted to be diminished to 0.8 mg by refining out the tobacco juices. These cigarettes are very smooth, and the flavor of the smoke is very sweet because of the nectar flavor. The length of Goldflake Light cigarettes is 84 mm. 

Pack of 10 Goldflake Light costs Rs 150. 


Wills Classic mellow is showcased by Classic Filter lords cigarettes brand and made by ITC constrained. Exemplary Mild is sleek and effectively accessible around the globe. Simplicity of accessibility makes it celebrated and one of the most sold cigarette. The length of Wills Classic mellow cigarettes is 84 mm. Imported cigarette paper is utilized to fabricate this cigarette. Blue leaf tobacco overwhelmingly utilized for making these cigarettes, particularly for the inner stuffing. 

Pack of 10 Wills great gentle cigi sticks costs Rs 123 and Pack of 20 costs Rs 246. 


Gold Flake Kings Cigarette 

Gold Flake Kings brand is a residential cigarette brand, which is in the past known as 'Khandani'. Gold Flake Kings is the most noteworthy selling brands in India. There are likewise another brands that make gold drop cigarettes as well, including Bacons' Gold Flake, Hignett's Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein's Gold Flake. They arrive in an expansive range or degree of assortments and characteristics, for example, Gold Flake Kings (84 mm), Gold Flake Kings Lights (84mm), Gold Flake and Gold Flake Lights. This brand accompanies ITC Limited. These Cigarettes are produced using Golden tobacco, henceforth named as Gold Flake Kings. 

Cost of Gold Flake Kings: Pack of 10 costs Rs 123: Pack of 20 costs Rs 246.


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