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Have you ever find those remarkable traveling videos that get thousands of thousands and even countless YouTube views and also are simply amazing? Every little thing looks definitely ideal and also you would certainly think that there's an entire group behind the electronic camera.

Actually, most of the times, that kind of videos are recorded and also edited by one individual who is not always a specialist and does not possess a $5,000 camera. So if you are seeking to produce the precise same sort of videos, you landed on the best page.

The Location

Choosing a concrete building in a broken-down street next to a building website is not mosting likely to inspire individuals. You want maximum impact.

I select different areas to film: the quieter location, the lighthouse on the cliff, the beach, at the sea pool and also a coffee shop.

Background Noise

You had to constantly examine the location for any kind of lawnmowers, overhanging planes or passing trucks. You additionally had to be prepared to take back many times when a toddler hiding in a pill beginning crying right at the end of a long trip that we were nailing.


REAL Story

Just how can you integrate your traveling story into the travel video?

Can you ask a passer-by to stand in the background absorbing the views, chuckling or talking? Can you film one of you taking photographs as well as insane tourist shots?

Attempt to take the arbitrary conversations you have with your taking a trip partner about what you are experiencing as well as how you really feel.


If you have actually obtained a GoPro, this will be very easy. Bind it to your head when you go hiking, prolong your selfie stick and also rotate 360 degrees. Sure, a few of the shots might end up on the electronic supposed "reducing space flooring", yet you're bound to obtain a couple of good ones therein. It's always the shots you think are mosting likely to be worthless that end up remaining in your video clip. Likewise, don't hesitate to get close-ups shots. It's a good suggestion to utilize a blend of long, establishing shots (the outside of your resort, the beach), mid-shots and also close-ups.

Long And Brief Shots

The tale needs to be distinguished various angles. Close-ups and far away shots of you doing the traveling tasks that collection the location.

I hiked over the shrub, took beach walks, stared in open doubt the lighthouse and sights, as well as strolled along the coastline. Each of these tasks and also areas long shots was ordered and afterwards closed when I shared our pointers.


Slow-moving activity is what makes video clips look cinematic therefore much cooler than they actually are if you would certainly play them at normal speed. So if you can movie in sluggish motion, then you certainly should.

An entry level DSLR such as the Nikon D3300 will allow you movie 1080p videos at 60 fps, but if you wish to go higher than that you will need to invest more money on a better electronic camera or compromise the resolution.

As soon as you film your high frame rate clips, via them in the timeline of your video editing software as well as reduce them down to 30 fps and also bang ... that's your slow-motion video.

Use A Drone

Drones are not almost as expensive as they made use of to be. It's incredibly simple, cheaper and also hassle-free to get outstanding airborne shoots that will take away the breath of your viewers.

Drone shots work great if you are intending to consist of a lot of landscape shots in your traveling video, however you can utilize them for shooting design, city life and basically anything else you can think of.

Golden Hour

Lighting is extremely essential for both digital photographers as well as videographers. It can make or ruin a picture or a video. When you are traveling you will certainly fire most of your shots outside, which is great. There's lots of natural light as well as you should not make use of attributes such as the ISO to electronically lighten up the shoot, and also sacrifice the high quality.

But too much natural light can in fact damage your shots. I understand this seems a little bit illogic, however many consumer quality cams have tiny sensors which will over-expose the shoot if there's excessive light. That's why to colors look so burnt out in some shots.

So what you can do rather is shooting when the sun is low overhead, actually, actually near to the horizon. That's the moment of the day described as the gold hr by professional photographers and also videographers. Everything will certainly look far much better as well as remarkable at that time.

Video Editing

Lastly however not the very least, as soon as you are back from your experience you will need to take the time as well as edit the bits as well as items of your clips right into one final traveling video clips.

This can be an overwhelming task if you're new to editing but once you obtain the hand of any type of video editing software application you will certainly be thrilled regarding how your edits will look like and also if you resemble me you will certainly obtain hooked in a snap.

So there you people have it. Eight cool tips to get you started on making much better traveling video clips. I challenge you to head out as well as begin carrying out at least a few of them throughout your next journey as well as allow me understand just how it goes.


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