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Obtaining China's visa for Indians is not very tough. Normally, the whole process take 3-4 functioning days. I didn't take assistance of any traveling representative. At first, I called the Chinese consular office in Delhi to obtain info on visa rules. They stated that vacationer visa applications are not accepted straight by the consular office. Applications have to come with the 'China Visa application solution center', which is run by only VFS. is the only AUTHORITIES SITE for getting a Chinese visa
Documents required for Chinese tourist visa for Indians
  • Passport with atleast six-months validity
  • Photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Visa application form (official link to Download)
  • Hotel bookings, (Use booking tool on this page for bookings without advance payment)
  • Flight reservation. I gave them a dummy flight ticket. (How I got a dummy flight ticket for Chinese visa)
  • Day to day itinerary
  • Covering letter
  • Bank statement (minimum balance of 2 lakh Rs. / a sponsorship letter, if someone sponsors you)
China Visa charge.

  • Regular: Rs 3900 + 1652 (VFS charge).
  • Express: Rs 3900 + 1800 (share fee) + 2487( VFS charge).

You need to pay the visa cost on the day of collection of your key, i.e. you are not needed to pay while applying for the visa. In case of visa being rejected, you will get all the money back except VFS charge.

Hotel/Hostel reservation tool.
You can use this map to publication hotels on a favored area. Some of these hotels can be scheduled without repayment beforehand or even without a charge card.


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