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HOW TO Remove Text, Images & Logo from PDF with PDF Eraser

This short article will certainly provide you the strong technique to get rid of undesirable text, images and logs from a PDF file. In reality, a tool called PDF Eraser will certainly assist you to remove text, image and other items from a PDF. Do not fret about the expense of this tool since it is definitely totally free for all the Windows users. 

PDF eraser is a Windows based application which is usually utilized to get rid of and remove undesirable text, images, logo designs and other items of a PDF file. Nevertheless, there is no option provided in a PDF Tool to do this all stuff.

So, with the assistance of this tool users can remove some initial material from the PDF and include their own text and images making it special. Not just this, PDF eraser tool has integrated PDF Page Cutter that assists users to erase unneeded PDF pages.

Ways to Get Rid of Undesirable Text, Images & Brandings From PDF

So, now I will certainly inform you the best ways to get rid of undesirable text, images and other items from a PDF using PDF eraser tool. For this, you need to follow the below steps.
  1. Download PDF Eraser tool from their official website. Its not too BIG but 27.7 MB approx. so download it out and install it onto your system.
    Job # 2: Eliminate Undesirable Text & Images From PDF
  2. For eliminating undesirable text, images and logo designs from a PDF file, run the PDF eraser software application then choose open PDF option and choose your PDF File and open it up.
  3. Now, pick an eraser for getting rid of the material.
  4. Lastly when all your modifications are done, simply SAVE the new PDF file, give it a nice name and choose a location to save it.
That's all, this will certainly assist you to eliminate undesirable stuff from a PDF file and include your very own text, image and logo design quickly. Not just this, by utilizing the Page Cutter integrated tool of PDF Eraser, you can erase the picked pages of PDF.
So I hope I made everything clear in this post, and this tool could be beneficial for you in long run, try to make some nice presentations with it, have fun and enjoy.

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