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DISCOVER TOP 9 Must-have Items To Ensure Your Baby Has a Comfortable Summer

Summer seasons are very extreme on everybody's health, and more so on babies'. We know that it can be extremely unsettling to see your infant in pain. You want to do whatever you can to guarantee her summer months go smoothly. Do not fret, having the right infant items is all it takes to keep your child pleased and healthy, apart from the Air Conditioner or fan, naturally! Keep reading for the baby items you need to have and utilize in the coming months.

Summer Essentials Your Baby Needs to Beat the Heat
Avoidance is always better than cure, so it's best to not await the heat to get to your baby. Make certain you're totally equipped with these items:
1. Stroller With Canopy
If you're heading outdoors for a walk in the park or a picnic, a stroller with canopy is the ideal option for your little one. A canopy is an extra fabric which protrudes from the hood of the stroller and guards the child's eyes from the extreme sun rays.
Baby Think: Yay! No more sun, thanks!

2. Cotton Onesie

Fabrics like cotton are the very best option for infants in summer season due to their light-weight and breathable nature. Outfit your baby in sleeveless onesies that will enable her to move her small hands freely and avoid her from feeling too hot.
Baby Think: Oooh…how cool the air feels on my skin!

3. Sun Cap

Don't step out of your home without a sun cap! This is a summer necessary that protects your child's eyes from the sun. Choose one that is made from breathable cotton and is both elegant and comfortable.

Baby Think: I like this thing on my head!

4. Diaper Rash Cream

Whether your baby uses non reusable or cloth diapers, diaper rashes are inevitable in summers. You need to get a recommended diaper rash cream and use it freely on your baby's bottoms. Once it's totally soaked up into her skin, you can place on a fresh diaper.
Baby Think: No more itch and pain…phew!

5. Baby Sunscreen

Yes, babies have their own sun block too! If you're planning to take your baby to the beach or any location with a great deal of sun, look for a sun block product that has zinc oxide. This is an important active ingredient that ensures your little munchkin's fragile skin is safe from hazardous UV rays. Most infant sun block products also include cocoa, shea butter and aloe vera extracts to help soothe the skin.
Baby Think: Yay! The sun can’t do anything to me!

6. Baby Water Bottle

Babies above 6 months of age can drink water in small amounts. So, if your kid has crossed the 6-month mark, don't forget to keep a child water bottle and sippy cup in your diaper bag. If you're wondering when to give water, watch out for signs like a flushed face, warm skin, and quick breathing which suggest that she's dehydrated.
Baby Think: Water…bottle…

7. Outdoor Sun Blanket

A lightweight cotton blanket is another summer vital for infants. These blankets are really useful when you're taking a trip and wish to swaddle your baby, nurse her, or alter diapers. They can also be used as a burp fabric and play mat for belly time at home.
Baby Think: So cosy…sleep, here I come!

8. Baby Lotion

The heat can make your infant's skin dry, flaky and itchy. Child cream can do marvels for her skin, specifically after bath time. Search for products instilled with herbs that secure moisture and bring back softness and glow to the skin.
Baby Think: Oooh…soft soft skin!

9. Wet Wipes

Baby damp wipes are a must-have in every diaper bag as toilets might not be available all over. Wipes carefully cleanse, moisturize and keep your child's skin soft and smooth throughout summer seasons. The best part is that you can utilize it for so much more than just cleaning your infant's bottoms. Give her face and body a quick swipe to keep her cool and joyful!
Baby Think: Bye-bye poop and sweat!
Stroller shade, diaper and skin care basics, and stylish yet comfy clothes-- it's time to check whether you have actually got them all!

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