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How TO Determine the best days to try to get pregnant?

If you are planning to get pregnant, it is necessary that you comprehend the essentials of fertility. Understanding the correct time of ovulation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can assist you develop easily.

What is Fertility?

Fertility is the natural ability of a private to produce a baby. The process of conception is not a simple one. A lady needs to go through a number of phases in order to develop. If you are planning to have an infant, you must comprehend the essentials of fertility to conceive without any troubles.

Fertile Duration 

Know the Best Days

For eggs and sperms to work efficiently to produce an offspring, the reproductive organs in both the guy and lady should be healthy and working at optimum levels. You ought to understand your menstruation and understand the suitable time you ought to attempt to develop a child. Your period begins on day 1 and lasts up to three to 5 days. On day 7, particular hormonal agents cause eggs in the ovaries to ripen. By day 11, the lining of the uterus thickens. Between the 13th and 20th day, a mature egg is launched from the ovary. This is your fertile period and the right time to develop a baby. When the eggs grow, they can be fertilised for as much as 12-24 hours after they are launched from the ovary. Similarly, sperms can survive in a female's body 12-48 hours after ejaculation. Attempting to conceive a baby around this time increases your chances of pregnancy. The basal body temperature (BBT) of your body increases throughout ovulation and this is the very best time to try for an infant.

Fertility Problems

There are a lot of factors that can cause problems with developing:

For males, it could be a low sperm count or bad quality of sperm.

In case of women, fertility reduces with age. The chances of getting pregnant throughout 40s are much less than they are in 30's.

For women, fertility issues can also be related to irregular ovulation and endometriosis to name a few conditions, which can affect a lady's ability to conceive.

In case you are a heavy cigarette smoker, over or underweight, it is most likely to affect your chances of getting pregnant.

If the fallopian tubes of a lady are harmed or blocked it will prevent the easy transfer of eggs and sperm.

In case the sperm does not fuse with the egg or if the fertilised egg is not able to connect itself to the uterus, the endometrial lining breaks down and your period starts.

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Fertility Tests for Women

Opt for a sperm test to check for any sort of irregularities in sperm.

Get your urine test done for detection of Chlamydia. This can also affect the functioning of sperms and male fertility.

With just 2-4 fertile days in a female's menstruation, the fertile window for conceiving a child is little. With correct health safety measures and planning, you can make the most out of it.


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