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DISCOVER Do’s and Don’ts during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you do whatever possible to make sure your fetus is safe and healthy. You also wish to look your finest and be comfortable. If you're questioning about how safe charm treatments are throughout pregnancy, here's what you ought to understand:

Manicures & Pedicures

The odor of nail polish can in some cases trigger pregnant women to feel upset. This does not suggest you need to completely prevent manicure and pedicures. Also, the quick exposure to the products in the beauty parlor will not hurt mom or the child. Nevertheless, mothers need to prevent brands that utilize chemicals like dibutyl phthalate and opt for natural alternatives.


Facials are a fantastic method to treat your skin, especially during pregnancy when your hormone levels change. Nevertheless, not all treatments are safe for moms-to-be. Aromatherapy, chemical peels, hot stones, and electric stimulations are of the treatments that you should avoid till your baby is born.

Hair Color

This is the most common concern for pregnant women who like to color their hair. Experts suggest that chemicals found in semi-permanent and long-term dyes are not extremely poisonous and are safe to use throughout pregnancy. The percentage of dye that would be soaked up by the skin doesn't reach the child. However, doctors suggest waiting until second or 3rd trimester to dye your hair.


Massage throughout pregnancy might help in reducing anxiety and anxiety, apart from easing muscle and joint discomforts. Search for locations that use prenatal massages and ensure that they are accredited to deal with pregnant ladies. Certain medical facilities provide the very same so discovering one may be a good choice.

Teeth Lightening Procedures

During pregnancy, getting your teeth lightened professionally or by utilizing over the counter products are not suggested. If you desire a brighter smile, speak with your doctor about natural solutions like utilizing a baking soda and strawberry paste.

Steam and Saunas

Prevent steam spaces and saunas throughout your pregnancy, due to the fact that like tanning and getting body covers, saunas can cause hyperthermia (unusually high body temperature), which can result in an increased threat of birth flaws throughout the first trimester.

Tattoos and Piercing

Extremely little is known about the impacts of chemicals in the tattoo dye during pregnancy. The primary issue of getting a tattoo is the danger of contracting infections such as hepatitis B and HIV. If you want to get any piercing or tattoos done, it is better to wait up until your infant is born.


Waxing is a fairly regular routine for numerous females. Your skin may become more sensitive throughout pregnancy, nevertheless, getting a wax is considered to be safe. Hormones might cause your hair to grow at a quicker rate. For that reason, it might be an excellent concept to opt for waxing to eliminate hair.

Although a lot of charm regimens are safe during pregnancy, discuss with your physician before opting for them. Our experts at KIMS Cuddles can assist guide you better when it comes to charm do's and do n'ts.

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