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Discover Most Beautiful or Big Mosques In The World

Grand Shaikh Zayed Mosque |Abu Dhabi|

Here is the list Top Beautiful Mosques.

A Cathedral is actually a Place of Worship for fans of Islam. As you may observe aware, there are actually a lot of Fantastic and beautiful Allah Mosque worldwide like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, morocco and so on. Several of big mosque architecture are our company showcase within this post, A lot of the Cathedrals are actually created quite earliest some are square as well as some are rectangles programs with a confined yard and also covered request hall. A comman attribute in cathedrals is the minaret, the tall, slim high rise that usually you view on some of the edge from the mosque structure several of are gold overlay-ed roofing system which is appearance very most attractive or eye catching mosque Look these wonderful huge as well as very most beautiful cathedrals worldwide.but none of them are in Seven Wonders.

Al-Saleh Mosque (Sana'a, Yemen)
          Image source : Himo

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha (Cairo, Egypt)
          Image source : Brian Connor

Mosque of the Prophet 2 (Medina, Saudi Arabia)
          Image Source : Azozphtographer

Mosque of the Prophet (Medina, Saudi Arabia)
          Image Source : Mubarak ALThani

Faisal Mosque (Islamabad, Pakistan)
          Image Source : Ian Cowe

Al-Aqsa Mosque (Old City, Jerusalem)
          Image Source : Malakospapakos

Kocatepe Mosque (Ankara, Turkey)
          Image Source : Ahmed Wisam

Seoul Central Mosque (Seoul, South Korea)
          Image Source : Izamree

Grand Mosque (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)
          Image Source : Hossam All Line

Grand Mosque 2 (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)
          Image Source : Sharif Afridi

Grand Mosquee de Paris (Paris, France)
          Image Source : Fredcan

Nur-Asttana Mosque (Astana, Kazakhstan)
          Image Source : Frost-uw

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid (Cotabato City, Philippines)
          Image Source : Eazy Traveler

Masjid Bahagian Kuching (Sarawak, Malaysia)
          Image Source : Bingregory

Sultan Mosque (Singapore)
          Image Source : Judhi Prasetyo

Great Mosque of Djenne (Mali Djenne, Mali)
          Image Source : El-Len

Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca, Morocco)
          Image Source : Rosino

Abuja National Mosque (Abuja, Nigeria)
          Image Sorce : Irene Becker

Crystal Mosque 2 (Terengganu, Malaysia)
          Image Souce : Mohammad Azmi

Hui Mosque in Ningxia (Ningxia, China)
          Image Source : Islamic Arts and Architecture

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