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10 Awesome YouTube Tricks mind blowing and veyr usfull

    • Watching  HD Quality –  YouTube provides you with the easy qualities in which that video can played smoothly  ,but sometimes you do not get all the quality formats in which that video could be played, well you can unlock the HD formats by adding &fmt=18 (stereo, 480 x 270 resolution) or &fmt=22 (stereo, 1280 x 720 resolution), All you have to is -  to add the codes at last of youtube video
    • Embed HD Quality – This thing is great well you can also embed the higher quality version in your blog or website by adding &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 or &ap=%2526fmt%3D22 to the end of the youtube video
    • Linking to Time – well if you think the whole video is just a crap you can easily start your video from a specific interesting moment by using the #t=03m22s(#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds)
    • Hiding the Search BOX – you might have seen a search box visible right above the embedded video, well you can hide that search box by adding &showsearch=0to the end of the youtube
    • Embedding Specific Part – well you can easily bypass some starting video scenes by adding &start=30 to the end of the youtube URL. 30 actually means 30 seconds, so you can change that number to the seconds you wanna
    • Loop Embedded Video – want to loop the video automatically as soon as it ends, well adding &loop=1 could help. Just add it like below to your video
    • Autoplay  Embedded Video – sometimes you want to show something really amazing that you want the video to be auto played bypassing the reader click on the play button, well you can do that by adding &autoplay=1 at the
    • Disable the Related Videos – if you are not a social addict and you do not want to show related videos when your actual video ends then you can add &rel=0 at the end of your embedded video like
    • Bypassing YouTube's Restriction – many times you might not be able to view some video due to some regional restrictions, well you can bypass those restrictions by changing your youtube address to below ,
    • Skipping to Good Parts – well if you think the video contains some boring scenes, well now you can easily skip to the good parts of that video using the Wadsworth google feature, add &wadsworth=1 to the end of the video

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