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12 Tips for Eye Makeup Safety

Want to make your eyes a little bit a lot more remarkable? Mascara, eye shadow, as well as eyeliner could definitely suffice. Yet if putting on eye cosmetics belongs to your everyday ritual, you should learn about some prospective threats to your eyes. In fact, being equally as thorough concerning eliminating eye make-up during the night is more important compared to using them each morning. Eye cosmetics are normally risk-free materials-- as long as you use them properly. In time, all type of substances can grow in those pretty little aesthetic packages. Germs as well as fungi could grow, and also if you remain to enhance your eyes with this make-up, you're transferring those bacteria directly to your eyes. Dos and Don’ts of Using Eye Cosmetics 1. Don't hold onto old makeup-- toss it away after a couple of months. 2. Don't utilize mascara that's dried out-- as well as never ever effort to dampen it with your saliva or water. It's ideal to change mascara every two t

Desi FunnyPunjabi WhatsApp & Facebook Status Updates

Tenuu chak lena bAbA rAmdEv vangu .,, J tu jada att chuki :p. ;) Yar russe tan RAB russe, Yar fir russe tan DIL tute, Yar fir russe tah JAG shute, Yar fir russe tah?? maro sale de roz da he kam aa :P ;) jhUthE mUho nA kEhnDi diL viCh haAn teRe,, haAn j tU kRe krA jiNdaGi maiN nAam tEre :D. ;) ohNu pauN Lyi maI RAbB NaL V ladH LAiNda.... Par...FeR maI SOcHyA K REsuLt da tYm a...rAb Nal panGA LAIna theEK NAI.. :P :D TeRe nAAlo taaN saADa "ANTIVIRUS" cHaNGa... JeHda sAadi CaRe taaN kARdA :p :) JiNi mArJi cHaTtiNg KaRLo SetTiNg tAaN rAb nE Hi kRauNi aE :p ; Kash oh jaan mang lendi tan asi de deni c has ke. . . . par chandri ne . . . ? . facebook acc. da PASSWORD mang leya . . :p ;) tERa pyAAr 500 de nOte vaRga ,, dArr lAgDa DUPLICATE na hOve :P ;) pEhlaA tu laGgI mAinNu HoOr pArI c ......... HunN taA cHanGgI laGgE DuuR khAdI Hi ........ KaAsH koI sAnNu PETroL de RaTe wAaNG pYAar kaRe ... JeHdA waDhDaA hi jaAve ..... Oh pyaar ch jaan mangdi c.... kamliiee... .Asi ta jawaak nu toff

TOP 50 Creative Awesome Small Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Awesome Best Small Tattoo Designs for Men & Women This day huge trend is going on in this entire world to get Tattoos on your body, As Tattoos have a way of letting the world know what you resonate strongly with, Mostly Tattoo trend is common in teenagers because they have the streak of rebellion in them and they are most passionate. Some peoples get a  lover name Tattoo  on their body part showing the deepness of love that how much love they do to their partner, and some people are so devotional (which is really a great thing) that they love to get a  GOD’s mark Tattoo  on their hands like  OHM Tattoo, Cross Tattoo  etc. So overall a nice lifestyle is going on to get yourself INKED, Peoples are getting small and tiny Tattoos on their back’s, Chest, Ankle and Hands and they are regularly searching for something new and stylish design of Tattoo. Most of the people love to get Tattoos on their body but many of them like a  Small and Tiny Tattoos  on their body because they simply don